You can now order the Dell & Ubuntu cloud starter pack

Build Your Private Cloud — With Confidence

When you’re building a private cloud, you need to be assured that your software and hardware components will work well together and they are backed by expert service and support. You also want the assurance that you will be able to protect the security and privacy of information in your cloud.

You get all these with Ubuntu® Enterprise Cloud (UEC) on Dell Servers, Standard Edition (SE), from Canonical® and Dell. This solution delivers an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) developer cloud that leverages UEC, powered by Eucalyptus, on Dell hardware.

Perfect for testing and development, UEC on Dell Servers, SE, gives you a quick and easy way to get your private cloud up and running. With the unrivaled combination of Dell PowerEdge™ C servers, Canonical’s UEC, a detailed implementation guide and unmatched support, you’ll be able to test the IaaS concept in an easy-to-deploy environment.

Once you set up the SE of UEC on Dell Servers, you’ll be able to deploy workloads, get them running immediately and grow or shrink computing capacity to meet the needs of your application.

Realize Compelling Benefits

UEC on Dell Servers, SE, delivers the advantages of open source software in a ready-to-use cloud solution that is fully supported by Dell on the hardware side and Canonical on the software side.

UEC on Dell Servers, SE, enables your organization to:
      Install with confidence. A predefined and tested architecture helps you set up your private cloud right way, the first time. We've taken the guesswork out of installing UEC on Dell PowerEdge C servers, so that you get your cloud up and running without tedious reworking. Reduce provisioning hassles. With UEC on Dell Servers, your users can define the virtual machines they need and you can deliver services in a matter of seconds. These capabilities reduce provisioning costs and increase user satisfaction. Limit your risks. With public cloud solutions, your data security relies on your cloud hosting provider. Putting a cloud inside your firewall helps to keep your information protected by your existing security infrastructure. Enable a hybrid cloud solution. UEC on Dell Servers is designed to be compatible with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2®). This gives you the option of starting with a private cloud solution and then expanding your environment to incorporate public cloud services for certain functions.
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