Cloud industry to employ millions in India: study

Cloud computing is expected to create over two million jobs by 2015 in India, which is 15 percent of total jobs created by cloud computing across the world followed by manufacturing and banking sector.

The study by International Data Centre (IDC) commissioned by Microsoft said more than two million jobs each will be generated in the “communications and media” and manufacturing sectors, followed by banking at over 1.4 million. Pointing to the strong linkage between cloud, innovation and entrepreneurship, the study estimates that revenues from cloud innovation could reach US$1.1 trillion per year by 2015.

Combined with cloud efficiencies, this will drive significant organizational reinvestment and job growth.

Cloud computing is already changing how IT delivers economic value to countries, cities, industries, and businesses. The IDC estimates that in 2011 alone, IT cloud services helped businesses around the world generate more than US$600 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs.

The study also indicates that countries investing in key cloud infrastructure will experience greater job growth. The factors determining the number of jobs that might be created in a particular country include projected level of spending on IT, degree of automation, workforce size among others.

“For most organizations, cloud computing is a no-brainer when considering it enables massive return on investment and flexibility,” said John F Gantz, chief research officer and senior vice president at IDC.