New Moab ® Products Available for Download

New Moab ® Products Available for Download
Adaptive Computing is continuing to enhance the value and capabilities that the Moab® product family delivers.  We are proud to announce that our latest innovations to the Moab product family are now available in the latest releases of our automation intelligence engine, Moab Workload Manager 6.0, and Moab Viewpoint™ 2.0, our user and administrator web portal. Both offer significant advancements in automation, management and scalability for HPC, data center and cloud environments. 
Download Moab Workload Manager 6.0 and Viewpoint 2.0 to evaluate them for your organization via the new Download Center  at :
The new download center is now your one-stop resource for all Adaptive Computing downloads, replacing the download center previously provided on the Cluster Resources web site.  If you have any difficulties with your access rights for these downloads, please email
We also recommend downloading and reviewing the short release notes provided on the download page for each technology which outline the upgrade compatibility considerations and technical points on the enhancements.
New Moab 6.0 enhancements for HPC environments include:
  • New communications architecture that delivers a 100-fold increase in internal communications throughput for fast response on real-time job and node status information to address the management needs of extreme scale HPC installations
  • New support for hybrid installations deploying GPGPU technologies in conjunction with TORQUE 2.5.4
  • Improved administration and reporting including new parameterized administration functions; enhanced limits for event, group and account management; and new formats for job and reservation event reporting
New Moab 6.0 enhancements for Data Center and Cloud environments include:
  • New on-demand provisioning and management for virtual machines as well as physical resources including live migration for workload packing and load-balancing to improve utilization and efficiency and prevent performance bottlenecks
  • Enhanced idle resource power management policies for improved power efficiency and cost savings
New Moab Viewpoint 2.0 portal enhancements for HPC, Data Center and Cloud environments include:
  • Creation, management and status reporting of reservations and job queues for workloads and system maintenance
  • On-demand dynamic management of VMs as well as physical nodes
  • Increased scalability to support management of tens of thousands of nodes and hundreds of thousands of VMs
  • Enhanced security with Moab and flexible choice of authentication integration options at install
  • Improved ease of use for configuration, logging and Moab Viewpoint administration