CA 3Tera AppLogic
A March 2010 acquisition by CA. Probably not well integrated with CA strategy yet.

1. Provides Windows and Linux VMs only CSA allows physical and virtual

2. Based on commodity hardware CSA (full version) can integrate other vendor products via OO/SA/NA/SE

3. Virtual appliances Appliance based on Linux OS

4. OpenSource focus Platform / tools heavily reliant on open source “applications such as Bugzilla, Twiki, SugarCRM and Zimbra”. Scalability will be a question mark. Open source tools make it difficult to incorporate data into large scale ITSM platforms. CSA uses enterprise–class tools and integrate (using OO etc) with major ITSM tools 3tera looks more oriented for stand–alone cloud instances eg: ISPs

5. Scalability We know Matrix scales to 1500 VMs and CSA (full version) to 40–50k

What does 3tera scale to ?
DISA, Verizon, AT&T, Disney, Bank of America etc all use CSA like technology
What clients does 3tera count ?

Finally, if you have ever experienced CA software, you will know that the marketing runs far ahead of delivery / support capability.

Reading between the lines on the site, it looks like a lot of Open Source sites “you can do all sorts of stuff with our platform” (READ: It’s up to you to build it and integrate it) eg:

3tera provides all of the technical documentation and libraries required to implement custom Dynamic Appliances. We're even making the source code of all of our own Dynamic Appliance such as the Backup and Power Saver Dynamic Appliance available as examples to be built on and extended.

More About 3 Tera Here