Spoon Launches Cloud Gaming Service

New service delivers over 200 instant-play desktop games online with no installs
SEATTLE & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Spoon, a leader in cloud computing and virtualization technology, today announced the launch of Spoon Cloud Gaming. The new service delivers desktop games on-demand with no installs via a small browser plugin. Consumers can play over 200 titles, ranging from popular casual game franchises like Jewel Quest and Farm Frenzy to massively multiplayer game clients such as Second Life. The free service was announced today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA.
“Spoon is excited to bring app virtualization technology to the gaming community”
Spoon Cloud Gaming is available now at http://spoon.net/games.
“Spoon is excited to bring app virtualization technology to the gaming community,” said Kenji Obata, founder and CEO of Spoon. “Gamers can now enjoy graphically rich desktop games in the cloud without the latency issues associated with other cloud technologies.”
Unlike other cloud gaming models, Spoon Cloud Gaming runs games using a hybrid of remote and local computing resources, reducing bandwidth requirements while ensuring smooth, uninterrupted game play. Games delivered with Spoon launch from the web with no installs and can optionally migrate offline for disconnected play. Spoon automatically synchronizes game state between devices, giving consumers the freedom to play titles from any desktop.
“We are currently seeing growth in cloud gaming as game developers and publishers look to capitalize on the power of the web to sell and distribute PC games online. Yet, until now the options for delivering desktop games online, without compromising performance or offline capabilities, have been limited,” said Laura Allen Phillips, an analyst at Parks Associates. “Spoon’s technology offers a viable solution by combining high quality, traditional desktop game play with the flexibility of cloud-based delivery.”
Players can test and purchase games using Spoon’s fully integrated DRM and payment processing system. Games can be embedded into existing web sites, blogs, and social networking services with a single line of HTML. Spoon has partnered with leading publishers such as Alawar Entertainment, iWin, Namco Networks, and 1C to host their titles on the Spoon platform.
About Spoon
Spoon is a leading developer of cloud computing and virtualization technologies that connect users to their desktop applications and data instantly, anywhere. Spoon is available from the web at Spoon.net, on third-party sites via Spoon Feeds, and in private clouds using Spoon Server.
Spoon is used by industry leaders in education, entertainment, finance, government, healthcare and information technology, including Autodesk, Core Learning, Namco Networks, Novell, and the United States Marine Corps, as well as thousands of independent software developers.
For more information, please visit http://spoon.net