Why Amazon Web Services is Going to Japan: Apps, Social Gaming and the World Stage

Thumbnail image for AWS logo 150x150Amazon Web Services (AWS) is opening a new data center in Tokyo, its fifth overall and second in Asia.
The new AWS data center is noteworthy as we are seeing a number of new initiatives to open data centers in countries around the world that provide an infrastructure with the capability to scale up and down. Korea Telecomm recently worked with Cloudscaling to develop a multi-tenant infrastructure. And at the Parallels Summit last week, I met people who are developing data centers in Cameroon, Spain and other parts of the world that have multi-tenant architectures.
enStratus worked with Cloudscaling on Korea Telecomm. It will support AWS Japan's data center with its cloud management and governance tools. Rightscale is also supporting AWS.
Barr and Amazon's Werner Vogels cite the growth of social gaming and mobile applications to demonstrate why AWS expanded its data center foot print to Japan.
For instance, Browser 3Gokushi is a well-established role-playing game that is now running in the new data center.
Amazon continues its breathtaking pace. It now has data centers in northern California, Virginia, Singapore, Ireland and now Japan. That's significant but also representative of the extension of cloud infrastructures to all parts of the world.

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