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Citrix announces Citrix Receiver™ for webOS


HP hosted an analyst day to discuss the company’s overall vision and strategy. A key part of this update focused on the forthcoming HP webOS Operating System support on new tablets, and smartphones. HP also updated the analyst community on future plans to extend the webOS operating system into other HP platforms including PCs and laptops. HP is the worldwide market share leader in PCs and laptops primarily supporting Microsoft Windows.

Citrix was featured at the HP analyst event to demonstrate and preview Citrix Receiver on new webOS-based devices, including the HP TouchPad. Citrix was the only enterprise partner featured on stage with a live demo on the TouchPad at the event. Citrix Receiver support for webOS is planned to be made available concurrent with the shipping of the HP TouchPad in late Q2 2011.

Key Talking Points

· Citrix Receiver makes webOS devices enterprise ready at launch by providing webOS devices secure and easy access to over 500,000 enterprise applications on Day 1 of product availability.

· Citrix Receiver for webOS will be made available as a free user download on Day 1 of launch of the new HP TouchPad.

· By supporting webOS, Citrix Receiver provides a win-win for both webOS users and enterprise customers:

o Citrix allows IT organizations to embrace consumerization of IT trends that are driving new device adoption in the workplace – saving money, time, and gaining flexibility. Virtual computing technologies from Citrix enable the secure delivery of enterprise Windows, web, and SaaS applications to any user on any device. Using Citrix, IT can let users choose the devices that best support their workstyle, ultimately driving satisfaction and productivity without sacrificing security or services management.

o Traditional enterprise apps and data were never built for the kind of flexibility and security challenges this kind of user choice and mobility introduces. Many enterprises are now struggling to embrace the “consumerization of IT” reality.

o With Citrix Receiver, all data and applications are centrally managed in the data center giving the IT organization complete visibility and control over access to company applications, IP and data. Giving IT organizations the “Power to say Yes” to enabling the latest webOS devices across the enterprise.

· At the HP Analyst event on March 15, Citrix demonstrated an early version of our HTML5-based Receiver which will support webOS, showcasing the HP TouchPad accessing enterprise Windows based applications securely with a high definition HDX experience. Citrix was the only enterprise partner featured by HP on stage with the TouchPad demo.

· Citrix Receiver for webOS is expected to be available in June 2011, concurrent with the availability of the new HP TouchPad. Users will be able to download Receiver for webOS free from either or the webOS App Catalog.

· Citrix Receiver for webOS extends the Citrix commitment to have a Receiver available for virtually every computing device – Windows PCs/laptops, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones/tablets, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices – as part of the “Citrix Receiver Everywhere” strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Citrix Receiver?

Citrix Receiver is a lightweight, universal client technology that enables IT to deliver virtual desktops, Windows, web and SaaS applications and content as an on-demand service to any user or device. With Citrix Receiver, IT has complete control over security, performance, and user experience, with no need to own or manage the physical device or its location.

2. What did Citrix announce at the HP Analyst event on March 15?

Citrix demonstrated Receiver for webOS on stage at the HP Analyst Day event on March 15th. Citrix Receiver for webOS will provide easy and secure access for users to their Enterprise applications and desktops. With Citrix Receiver for webOS, users can access any enterprise app via their enterprise app store, in addition to their personal apps made available from the webOS App Catalog.

3. What is the benefit of Citrix Receiver for customers (End users and enterprise)?

· Simple, self-service access to virtual desktops, apps & IT services from any device (PCs/Macs, netbooks, tablets and smartphones)

· Hi-definition user experience on any network or device

· Simple, intuitive user interface, consistent across different devices

· Secure data and communications from the data center to the device

· Instant updates to users with complete IT control and visibility

· IT enterprises can now say yes to enabling new generation of mobile devices brought into the workplace

4. What devices will be enabled for Receiver for webOS?

Citrix Receiver for webOS will be made available for use with the HP TouchPad on Day 1 of device availability. Through its partnership with HP, Citrix expects Receiver for webOS to work on Day 1 on future HP webOS-based device releases. Citrix Receiver will also be enabled for webOS smartphone devices such as the HP Veer and HP Pre 2. Beyond the TouchPad, Citrix expects to support all major webOS device releases into the future.

5. Who are the target customers (possible business and use cases)?

Citrix Receiver is ideal for anyone who needs to work on-the-go and needs seamless access to their business desktop, applications and documents. Receiver delivers a high performance user experience and a consistent look and feel across virtually any device, allowing mobile workers to be as productive as possible while in the office, at a customer meeting or in transit.

6. What can I expect from Citrix Receiver on webOS?

Citrix Receiver will be optimized for usage on webOS devices. Receiver allows the user to take advantage of the larger screen size of the TouchPad device in addition to device capabilities such as multitasking and scrolling. Receiver touch enables Windows applications and even legacy apps that were never designed to be touch capable. Receiver will provide users a consistent experience across any mobile device – whether running webOS such as a TouchPad – or devices from Blackberry or those running the latest Android or iOS operating systems.

7. How will Citrix Receiver for webOS be made available?

Citrix Receiver for webOS is expected to be made available as a free and simple download from both and the webOS App Catalog. Once “added” to the device, instant, secure and self-service access to enterprise apps and desktops is enabled with a single touch interface.

8. Is a Citrix environment needed to run Citrix Receiver for webOS?

While Citrix Receiver for webOS will be available as a free download for webOS device owners, users should contact their IT administrator or Help Desk to verify that the organization is running a Citrix environment. In addition their workplace IT administrators can provide instructions on how to enable their devices to gain access to the corporate network and application infrastructure. Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp servers centrally manage corporate applications and with Citrix Receiver downloaded on a webOS device, users will be able to securely and instantly access corporate applications, full virtual desktops and IT services that are made available by the enterprise.

A demo of Citrix Receiver and the power of XenDesktop infrastructure is available to all Citrix Receiver end users through .

9. Why did Citrix participate in the HP Analyst Day?

Citrix, as the leader in providing secure access to virtual apps and desktops, was the only enterprise application vendor that was invited by HP to participate on stage with the TouchPad at the HP Analyst event. At the event, Citrix Receiver demonstrated how it will enable the TouchPad to be enterprise ready with access to 500,000+ business applications on day one. “Receiver Everywhere” is a top strategic imperative for Citrix and Receiver for webOS is another key milestone in the ongoing Citrix commitment of enabling business applications on the latest and most popular mobile devices and platforms in the market.

10. What does this announcement mean to the HP – Citrix relationship?

The announcement signals a growing partnership between HP and Citrix. Customers have told us they believe consumer devices that can be used for BOTH personal and enterprise computing, such as the HP TouchPad are highly preferred. By partnering with HP, Citrix allows any webOS based device to be effective for enterprise computing when connected to the Internet or Enterprise networks. Our partnership is not exclusive although we are the acknowledged leader with our commitment to enable Receiver on every device. HP’s announcement and inclusion of Citrix today clearly demonstrates Citrix leadership in delivering secure access to Enterprise IT services to any webOS based device, anywhere.

11. How does Receiver for webOS fit in with HP’s broader converged infrastructure and instant on enterprise vision?

The close partnership between HP and Citrix to enable webOS for the TouchPad is an important extension of our Receiver Everywhere strategy.  HP’s ISS and Blade Servers power over 50% of Citrix customer deployments.  Enabling Receiver for webOS allows HP customers to enjoy a seamless experience on HP endpoint devices such as the TouchPad, by leveraging their Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure, optimized to run in HP Converged Infrastructure environments.

12. Does Citrix Receiver support additional mobile platforms?

Citrix Receiver supports a variety of platforms and devices, including PCs, Macs, Netbooks, Smartphones and Tablets. Receiver is offered as a free download with each of the leading mobile platforms on the market in addition to versions for PCs, Macs, Linux and Java.

13. How many users are utilizing Citrix Receiver and Citrix technology?

Since early 2010, Citrix Receiver has nearly two million downloads on both smartphone and tablet devices. More than 230,000 organizations worldwide use Citrix virtual computing infrastructure every day to deliver virtual desktops and apps to their employees. 

14. What makes Citrix Receiver unique?

Citrix is the ONLY vendor that can deliver secure enterprise applications -- Windows, web or SaaS -- to the vast majority of devices and platforms – Windows PCs/laptops, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones/tablets, Blackberry, webOS and Windows Mobile – under our “Citrix Receiver Everywhere” strategy/commitment.

15. How does Citrix Receiver compare to other solutions in the market?

Citrix Receiver allows end users and customers to leverage their Citrix environment by allowing for the secure delivery of business, web and SaaS applications to any device. By supporting PCs, Macs, Linux, Java and the most popular mobile device platforms, no other comparable product to Citrix Receiver exists in the market today.

16. Where can I get more information about Citrix Receiver?

More information on Citrix Receiver can be found at