The Top 100 Bloggers on Cloud Computing

Here goes with an expanded roster, listed as before in alphabetical order

By Jeremy Geelan

Ever since I first published here my tentative list of Top 50 Bloggers on Cloud Computing it became clear that an expansion would be needed before too long. Thanks to community feedback via my Twitter account ( here goes with an expanded roster, listed as before in alphabetical order since I am making no attempt at this stage to rank the various blogs, merely to map - and celebrate - their existence.

Dustin Amrhein | "A View from the Clouds"
Randy Bias | "Cloudscaling"

Tony Bishop |
Rick Blaisdell | "Rickscloud"
Rene Buest
Larry Carvalho | "Robust Cloud"
Sam Charrington | "Cloud Pulse"

Colin Clark | "Cloud Event Processing"
Peter Coffee |
Reuven Cohen | "Elastic Vapor"
Adrian Cole |
Tim Crawford | "Cloud Computing & IT Optimization"
Ray DePena
James Downey | "Cloud of Innovation"
Paul Fallon | Paul Fallon's Blog

William Fellows |
Stephen Foskett | "GestaltIT"
Tim Freeman |
Jay Fry | "Data Center Dialog"
Dana Gardner | "Briefings Direct"

Bernard Golden | "The Open Source"
Brian Gracely  | Clouds of Change

George Hadjiyanis, |  "The Cloud Blog"
James Hamilton | "Perspectives"
Christofer Hoff | "Rational Survivability"
Olafur Ingthorsson |
Kevin L. Jackson | "Cloud Musings"
Steve Jin |

Sam Johnston |
Jeff Kaplan | "THINK IT Services"

Ben Kepes | "The Diversity Blog"

Markus Klems | "Cloudy Times"

Kent Langley | "Cloud Computing, Scalability, and Operations"

Walt Lapinsky  | wrLapinsk's Blog

Steve Lesem | "Cloud Storage Strategy"

Dave Linthicum | "Cloud Computing"
William Louth |
Lori MacVittie |
Andi Mann | "√úbergeek"
Chirag Mehta |
Paul Miller | "Cloud of Data"
Stuart Miniman |
JP Morgenthal | "The Tech Evangelist"
K. Scott Morrison |
Greg Ness |
Ray Nugent | "Cloudshaping: What's shaping the Cloud"
Greg O'Connor | Ulitzer Blog
Kamesh Pemmaraju | "Leaders in Cloud Computing"
Geva Perry | "Thinking Out Cloud"
Gregor Petri | "The Cloud Academy"
Scott Powers  |
Srinivasan Sundara Rajan |  "Ulitzer Blog"
George Reese |
Steve Riley | Riverbed Blog

Guy Rosen |
Ellen Rubin | "Enterprise Cloud Computing Blog"
Ed Saipetch | "Breathing Data"

Scott C. Sanchez
Nati Shalom | "Middleware & Distributed Technologies"
Michael Sheehan |

Lauren States | IBM Cloud Computing

Krishnan Subramanian
| "CloudAve"

John Treadway | "CloudBzz"
James Urquhart | "The Wisdom of Clouds"
William Vambenepe | "IT Management in a Changing IT World"
Werner Vogels | "All Things Distributed"

Phil Wainewright
| "Software as Services"

Simon Wardley
| "Bits or Pieces"
James Watters |
Alan Williamson |
Alex Williams | "ReadWrite Cloud"

John M. Willis
Simon Withers | "100 Days in the Cloud"
Chris Wolf | Virtualizaton Tips & Ramblings