HP Media cloud offerings

The HP Media Cloud offering

Media Cloud DVR Solution: The HP Media Cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) solution eliminates equipment in the home and provides a managed service for the storage and playback of broadcast content. Capabilities are similar to the DVR. They include recording and playback, quota management, pausing of live TV, and permanent locker boxes for users as agreed in the contract. Cloud DVR will allow users to record content from their service provider’s network and store their recorded content on the provider’s server. They will then be able to access this content “anytime, anywhere”—drawing the video through the Internet to the device of their choice and at their convenience.

Media Cloud Storage Solution: The HP Media Cloud Storage Solution is the central nervous system of the overall solution. The storage solution provides high efficiency object storage which linearly scales and offers excellent performance for media-related applications to be delivered from the cloud.

Media Cloud 3-Screen Solution: The cloud is also ideally suited to meet the evolving, multi-screen expectations of today's content consumers. Clients can access the cloud for live, on-demand and real-time content transcoding to allow delivery to multiple devices (television set-top box, personal computer, mobile phone) efficiently and quickly. A wide variety of video and audio codecs, aspect ratios, and screen sizes are supported.

Media Cloud Rendering Solution: Content creation for both studios and gaming companies is originating from more digital sources and becoming increasingly complex, consequently requiring more computing power to create and manipulate. Increasing resolutions of the data sets and the increased demands of 3D push the computing requirements even further. Complicating this situation for the content creator is the dynamic nature of the process. There is a massive requirement for computation when a production delivers, but at other times the needs are far less. This wide swing of resource requirements can be addressed with HP flex technology. In a flex environment, companies can drastically increase the number of processors and storage to accommodate this need within a short period, and turn them off when they’re not needed. This not only reduces the overall cost of production, but eliminates a major capital expense from the content producer and moves that cost into the operations budget. The HP Media Cloud Rendering Solution helps manage resources as well as the bottom line.

More here: http://www.hpintelco.net/media-cloud.htm