Fact Sheet: IBM CloudBurst


Fact Sheet: IBM CloudBurst

IBM has been engaging, listening and working with many customers to implement their desired usage scenarios around data centers and cloud. We are now taking these learnings, and the market demand and have built IBM CloudBurst, a family of pre-integrated service delivery platforms that include the hardware, storage, networking, virtualization and service management software to create a private cloud environment, transform data centers, and build dynamic infrastructures that deliver new levels of service at reduced cost.

It’s a Purpose-Built Infrastructure that is…

· Built on proven technologies already deployed at customer sites

· Secret sauce: Newly embedded service management software baked in, providing IT executives with visibility, control and automation of service delivery

· Single product, single delivery, single installation, single invoice, single support structure

· Self-service: Zero touch administration

· “Lights-out” automated operation

· Reusable image library for rapid deployment

· “Fit for purpose” based on the specific architectural requirements of unique workloads

· QuickStart Implementation services to get platform up and running in days

IBM CloudBurst V1.1

IBM CloudBurst is specifically designed to address one of the biggest activities happening today in the enterprise -- development and test.

· Price: Approximately $220K, before discounts

· Shipping: June 19, 2009

· While 30 to 50 percent of a company’s overall technology infrastructure is devoted to development and test, developers must frequently wait weeks to get access to resources they need to create and test applications due to manual processes that allocate these resources.

· Deploying IBM CloudBurst V1.1, developers can help themselves to the technology they need to run projects within minutes, rather than weeks

· A private developer and test cloud also enhances security, since developers won’t need to look outside the firewall for faster development alternatives

· IBM CloudBurst will join the recently announced WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance in the CloudBurst family, an integrated appliance to manage WebSphere images in the cloud

IBM CloudBurst V1.1 Features

  • Self-Service Portal – allows Developers self-service access to IT infrastructure
  • Service Catalog – provides list of pre-engineered services that Developers can chose from
  • Automation – automatically provisions required server, storage and software when needed by Developers; without human intervention. Automatically de-provisions unused capacity, making it available for other users and increasing efficiency of data center assets
  • Built-in Virtualization – leverages the full capacity of server technology up to hundreds of virtual machines
  • Single Product – services included so can be deployed from single installation. No need to spend hours of IT operations staff time architecting, configuring, assembling and building from many servers, storage and software products

IBM CloudBurst Family – Direction

  • Clouds are defined by the work they do. As such, future additions to the CloudBurst family will all be architected by workload and leverage the full spectrum of IBM server technology from x-86, Power to the Mainframe. More will be released in 2009.
  • Upcoming additions to IBM CloudBurst family of products will all be prepackaged and pre-configured, with single-priced hardware, software and networking cloud stack.
  • Connection from internal private cloud implementations to ‘burst” to access public clouds for short terms needs for additional resource

IBM CloudBurst and WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance

IBM CloudBurst will join the recently announced WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance in the CloudBurst family, an integrated appliance to manage WebSphere images in the cloud

Enhancing IBM CloudBurst with the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance provides a ready-to-go, cloud computing platform with specialized images for creating and deploying application environments based on IBM WebSphere software. The combination of the two offerings leverages the strengths of each to accelerate the delivery of new WebSphere based applications. IBM CloudBurst is a complete cloud computing package that can deliver any type of virtual machine in support of multiple types of cloud workloads. The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance stores and secures application environments consisting of patterns of IBM-supported WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition virtual images. These environments can be dispensed into, managed and maintained in a private cloud. So a customer can deploy IBM CloudBurst to quickly deliver a cloud computing infrastructure and use the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance to deliver the WebSphere based application environment into the IBM CloudBurst cloud.

IBM CloudBurst Configuration Summary

-- Base Hardware Configuration:

· 1 42U rack

· 1 BladeCenter Chassis

· 1 3650M2 Management Server, 8 cores, 24GB Ram

· 1 HS22 CloudBurst Management Blade, 8 cores, 48GB RAM

· 3 managed HS22 blades, 8 cores, 48GB RAM

· DS3400 FC attached storage

-- Cloud Software Configuration:

  • IBM CloudBurst service management pack
  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager v7.1
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring v6.2.1
  • IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 with Active Energy Manager; IBM ToolsCenter 1.0; IBM DS Storage Manager for DS4000 v10.36; LSI SMI-S provider for DS3400
  • VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 U4; VMware ESXi 3.5 U4 hypervisor

The IBM Cloudburst QuickStart services consist of the following major activities:

  • Integrate and deploy BladeCenter hardware in customer data center
  • Configure user and security profiles
  • Setup and discovery of virtualized compute, network and storage resources
  • Configure self- service portal
  • Platform verification
  • Overview and hands-on training

Additionally, IBM Smart Business Test Cloud services has been enhanced to support IBM CloudBurst. With this new enhancement, IBM can help you rapidly set up an cloud platform with CloudBurst, then provide full customization and integration for a comprehensive, on-premise test environment based on a private cloud computing model. Smart Business Test Cloud also provides an option to leverage existing systems and storage for a complete cloud solution.

IBM Global Financing provides complete end to end support to help clients acquire IBM Cloud solutions

  • Obtain access to capital so they can conserve cash and better manage cash flow with predictable monthly payments
  • Smooth out upfront costs and accelerate ROI
  • Lower TCO using a technology lifecycle management approach
  • Expand purchasing power to obtain more within budget
  • Simplify multi-component purchases into a single monthly invoice
  • Obtain what they need vs. what they can afford

Example: Financing helps accelerate return on investment and acquire more within budget, turns large upfront costs into a single month payment

· $207,387 upfront to… à $5,750 per month

* Hypothetical example using list prices; Monthly IBM Global Financing rate based on 36 month term with “Best” credit rating and Value Plan lease. Actual financing rates based on client’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type and options. Other restrictions may apply.

For more information please visit www.ibm.com/financing/cloud