VmWare Launches CloudFoundry : VmWare PaaS webcast

Today, VMware introduced Cloud Foundry, the industry’s first Open Platform as a Service (PaaS) during a live webcast.
Cloud Foundry represents a new generation of application platform, architected specifically for cloud computing environments and delivered as a service from enterprise datacenters and public cloud service providers. As part of today’s announcement, VMware is introducing a new VMware-operated developer cloud service, a new open source PaaS project and unique “Micro-Cloud” solution; Cloud Foundry will be offered in multiple delivery models:
•         New VMware Operated Developer Service – Available today, www.CloudFoundry.com is a full function public cloud PaaS service, operated by VMware, enabling developers to access Cloud Foundry and providing a test bed for new services and operational optimization of the software.
•         Open Source, Community PaaS Project – Available today at www.cloudfoundry.org, this open source project and community under Apache 2 license enables developers to inspect, evaluate and modify Cloud Foundry software based on their own needs, while also minimizing the risk of lock-in.
•         New Cloud Foundry Micro Cloud - Available Q2 2011, Cloud Foundry Micro Cloud is a complete, downloadable instance of Cloud Foundry contained within a virtual machine on a developer’s desktop, enabling simplified development and testing of applications.
•         Cloud Foundry for the Enterprise and Service Providers – In the future, VMware will offer a commercial version of Cloud Foundry for enterprises who want to offer PaaS capabilities within their own private clouds and for service providers who want to offer Cloud Foundry via their public cloud services.  This commercial solution will enable enterprises to integrate the PaaS environment with their application frameworks and services portfolio. Service provider solutions further deliver on the promise of portability across a hybrid cloud environment, enabling freedom to deploy internally or migrate to one of VMware’s nearly 3,500 vCloud partners.