Webinar-Cloud Best Practices: Implementing for IaaS Tools, Components, & How to Put Them Together

Dr. Malcolm Herbert
Director, Strategy & Solutions, Red Hat
Lee Denison 
Senior Architect, Red Hat

In this session, Malcolm Herbert and Lee Denison, senior architect at Red Hat, will discuss key Red Hat technologies, methodologies, and ideas for implementing an open standards, open source IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) environment.

The Red Hat Virtual Experience is a global online forum of Red Hat experts, partners, customers, and the open source community.

The event on January 26, 2010 will feature over 40 unique sessions, with access to Red Hat experts and partners, networking opportunities with other Red Hat users, and keynotes from and QnAs with Red Hat visionaries.

From cloud computing and virtualization, to platform, middleware and management technologies, the Virtual Experience will cover the latest and greatest in software innovation.

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